18 Jul

Recently someone asked me if I live in Brooklyn because I post about it so much. No, I do not but I think I may need to may that move because some of the best food I’ve been having lately can be found in no other than Brooklyn .

A lot of the places I eat at by the way, have been recommended or are considered Fake popular to all my foodie peeps. Soco was one of these places. And as soon as I walked in I could tell why.

The usual after church crowd was in abundance and the staff here are so cute. Everyone is like boho, chic, trendy cuteness. There’s music and a modern electic look to the spot. I have a thing for places like this. I was also there with the best 9 other people I could have ever dined with. (hi jake) my Little hipsters and friends.

The downfall to SoCo is its location in regards to public transportation. Otherwise I have absolutely no complaints. Oh wait, no bottomless drinks either but hey no brunch is perfect right ?

The drink that I did have was amazing though and trust I’ve had some pretty good sangria before. Rewinding for a second to note that this place is called SOCO as in SOuthern COmort. So of course I had what got me there, their talk of the town Red velvet waffles and organic chicken. now don’t take this the wrong way but this meal is overrated. but then again, thats my fault. The waffles were good but too sweet but like I said, my fault. I put the maple syrup alllll over this bad boy and I shouldn’t have. I couldn’t eat all of this sweet crap and it thus leads to my opinion that I’m not changing!

Aside from that though, I asked for more syrup and I put it alllll over my chicken. Now THAT was a good idea. Man, this chicken was good. I love chicken, and I never had organic chicken but I hope I have it again and again and again. It was perfect, deliciously crisp and had the best white meat under this perfect layer of light brown. This makes the meal worth it. I really shouldn’t have gotten the mac n cheese …great and not so great idea on my part mainly because I couldn’t finish the meal BUT sheesh who doesn’t love a great plate of hot, cheesy, mouth watering mac and cheese? That’s exactly what it was. I loved every bite of it that I did have.

Returning soon for their oysters…..




2 Responses to “SoCo”


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    [...] chicken to ever consume in life. Well, that’s false. The best chicken I’ve had was at SoCo  but I digress because that’s not the focus here…….These wings were still bomb, [...]

  2. Where to eat ?! Food Before Love in 2012 « Food Before Love…. - January 2, 2013

    [...] Soco – Trendy, Chic and Delicious. Get your red velvet fix! [...]

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