3 Jul

Good Ole Cafeteria . home of the best pancakes in the world that I know of , but I’ll get to that.

Cafeteria is a “hot spot” . Apparently Everyone has been ranting and raving about this place and the wait to get in is ridiculous. “Omg the breakfast there” and Yatta Yatta so I’m like yeah I need to take my brunch loving self down to see what this place is really like. PLEASE make a reservation prior to but I guess you don’t always have to. It’s the best idea though because people are elbow to elbow in this place. Out of all of things I enjoyed, that’s one thing I didn’t like, hearing the next guys full Convo and him having full access to mines. Must remind myself that I’m here for the food! nothing else should matter .

So me and my “date” decided to order and just share if need be, which turned into him sharing and me just eating everything hey I’m a growing girl. We started with the fried chicken on a biscuit with some mystery sauce on it … Yeaaaa it was awesome. The chicken was so crisp with that fresh white meat on the inside sitting on top of this made just right biscuit . LAWD take me now. Don’t ask me what The sauce was because I never remember but it blended the consistency of the meat and biscuit so that you didn’t feel like you just had a dry sandwich. Highly recommended .

We also had bacon , which is always good in my book and scrambled eggs, which you can’t go wrong on. I then ordered the steak and eggs which came with fries. The steak was smaller than I’m use to so initially I was displeased but wait I just closed my eyes at the thought this steak had to have been one of the juiciest, most rich, made to perfection steaks I’ve had in a while. Can you see why I didn’t want to share?

By the way the mimosas here are $12 and I’ve had better for cheaper so excuse the hell out of me mr fancy pants cafeteria . mmm Moving on…. well I could literally write for the rest of this week about these pancakes . Which explains why I was talking about them for literally three weeks. Nonetheless, ultimate foodgasm right here. Fruits and whipped cream and perfect pancakes. I don’t even like pancakes! I don’t even eat the ones my mom makes! But these pancakes , I’m sweating over here, I may have to go there really soon. These pancakes are the best things cafeteria has to offer until further notice. I intend to go back for dinner sometime but until then, my heart and thumbs up belongs to their brunch.


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2 Responses to “Cafeteria”

  1. sarah March 16, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

    119 Seventh Ave/ 17th and 7th!


  1. Where to eat ?! Food Before Love in 2012 « Food Before Love…. - January 2, 2013

    [...] Cafeteria – Must try the Pancakes. Great for Groups and Dates [...]

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