Don Pedro’s

26 Jun

Nothing warms my heart like a good brunch day. My heart is overwhelmed because I actually had a great brunch weekend (Emphasis on weekend) spent with people I love. So first things first …

I visited Don Pedro’s on 96th street and 2nd avenue which is close to home for me and a possible quick brunch go to spot from now one. For $20 they have a three course brunch with unlimited sangria. Let me say that again… For TWENTY DOLLARS they have a THREE COURSE brunch with UNLIMITED SANGRIA. Yes, I’ve been accepted into the pearly gates of brunch heaven. What did I do to deserve this !

The place is fairly small but comfortable . I wasn’t a huge fan of our seats but I’m there to eat, not to watch a play. Bleh. I ordered the beef empanada for an appetizer and my dearest friend Ko ordered the chicken empanada … They brought just one for each of us which I thought was the brightest idea because I didn’t want to ruin my appetite. It came with a spicy sofrito sauce and this other sauce seen in the photo above that I’ve actually had with calamari elsewhere. I’m not sure what it was but it went amazingly well with my empanada. Ko claims it was “the best empanada she ever had” and it was really delicious but she also never tried my empanadas (which are pretty good I must say)

Hmph. I just want to know what’s with my foodie dates saying its the best of this and that, I like think I’ve just been making really good choices when I go out. toots horn.

But onto the good stuff, for an entree I had the Steak and Eggs (my favorite meal for brunch). It had a really fancy name that I’ll have to spare the details on but it was cut up for me (love when they do that) and laid over yuca frita with a sunny side up egg over hard on the side (only way I’ll have them made). Yea so, Can I just share that this was delicious! It had a chimmichurri sauce over the steak that was to die for . And the waiter was so attentive filling up our glasses with some of the best sangria I’ve had since Calle Ocho.

Ko had the Ropa Veja over white rice which I hardly tried but she enjoyed from what I recall. Nonetheless, I’ve attached a photo of it for those who eat with their eyes. I almost forgot we were getting dessert, I could get use to this whole 3 courses thing though. We both ordered the passion fruit sorbet and it was good though, very soft and sweet. Considering the foodgasm I was having the whole time I was there, I’d say again that this is about to be my new go to spot for brunch ! Really, check this place out if you find yourself on the upper east side . My stomach would not steer you food lovers wrong !






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    [...] Don Pedros – Classic Latin Flavors, Bottomless Sangria for under $25 [...]

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